It’s November 1st, and that means that it’s World Vegan Day. Now we’re not going to pontificate about the possible alleged health, ethical and ecological benefits of veganism; we think that you’re all grown up enough to make your own decisions there. 

What we would like to mention is that vegan food can be really, really tasty, and we think some of our menus reflect that rather well. As you might know, Zest cafe is fully vegan now, so today is the perfect opportunity to pop in and try something from the menu – you might be pleasantly surprised. 

There’s also always at least one vegan dish on the menu in The Pantry in Canham Turner, and they always look amazing – so if you fancy something properly hot and hearty to fill you up for the day then why not pop in and see what’s on there?

Whatever you choose, we’re really proud to offer a great selection of delicious vegan food every day, so if you want to make it a regular occurrence then we have you covered.