Oh the horror! The terror! The messy, gory, yuckiness! But enough about Will’s beard, we’ve managed to lay our hands on some awesome Halloween goodies, so we’re having ourselves a bit of a competition.

First prize is two tickets to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween singalong and fancy dress screening at Middleton Hall. It’s on Halloween (obviously) and starts at 7 on the dot. You don’t have to wear Rocky Horror fancy dress and sing along with the classic movie tunes, but you really ought to.

Two runners up will get a goodie bag full of Halloween treats to snaffle down and decorations to turn your house or halls into a nightmarish vision of terror. Well, a couple of plastic bats and a wonky skeleton at least.

And what do you have to do to win this awesome prize? All you have to do is solve the fiendishly tricky picture puzzles below. Each one will give you the name of a terrifying movie…

Movie 1.

Movie 2.

Movie 3.

Movie 4.

Movie 5.

Once you think you’ve got them all, drop us an email to campuslife@hull.ac.uk or message us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. But whatever you do, don’t post the answers!