Unless you are the lucky owner of this cleaning cat then the chore will fall on you. If you have just moved into a shared flat or house then you need to come up with a plan so that everyone pulls their weight…

How much mess we tolerate in our living space varies and can become a source of conflict if you think your housemates standards are not the same as yours. The best way to avoid any arguments is to sit everyone down and take a decision on how you are going to share the duties. Here are some suggestions:

  • Clean together! –The advantage of this is that you have a set day and time, agreed amongst yourselves, where you can put the music on and scrub away! No one can get out of it or can they? If you find that one of the group is always absent or making excuses then it will be unfair on the rest of you. If this happens have a chat with the offender and see what changes need to be made to ensure they are around for the cleaning.
  • Rota – This option would avoid the pitfall of making sure everyone is around for the group clean. If you agree that one person will clean all communal areas once a week it would also avoid the house getting too dirty.
  • Cleaner – If you can all afford to chip in a few pounds then you could hire a cleaner to do the work for you! The average pay for a cleaner is £10 and if you paid for one to come in once a fortnight for 3 hours it would set you back £30. If there are 5 of you living in the house that could cost you as little as £3 a week.

For all these options you will need to think about how you are going to pay for the cleaning equipment. You could have a kitty where everyone puts in their share or you could go down the route of having a buying rota and take it in turn to buy the essentials once they run out.

Another major bugbear is loo roll! Either you keep your own supply and bring it out when you use the toilet or you can include it in the list of shared household essentials along with the bathroom cleaner and wipes. You might also want to think about sharing the cost of milk and bread too…