​What isn’t going on at the Sports Centre is probably a more accurate heading! With Semester 2 well underway we have welcomed back our students to our existing sports and fitness facilities on Campus.  The gym has been buzzing with activity and the outdoor pitches have been busy with fixtures for football and rugby, not to mention netball, hockey and lacrosse.

It’s fantastic to see so many students and members of the community enjoying our superb pitches and the much-improved changing and catering facilities that the new Pavilion provides.

As well as the suite of changing facilities for teams, we also have a superb classroom in the Pavilion which is booked out regularly for external courses and for meetings with University partners/colleagues.

So, it’s just the matter of the magnificent new Sports Hall now which will be the crowning glory on this huge financial investment in sport at Hull.

There are a bunch of new photographs for you to check out below, which we think speak for themselves but this week’s schedule looks something like this:

  • Blockwork to Sports Hall perimeter.
  • Concrete pour to Sports Hall Ground Floor (Phase 3 of 3).
  • Preparation for concrete pour to Accommodation Block Ground Floor.
  • Sports Hall and Accommodation Block reinforcement.
  • Concrete pour to Sports Hall and Accommodation.
  • Installation of secondary SFS steel supports.
  • Scaffold erection (1metre high) to GL-12 and GL-J.
  • Blockwork to Sports Hall.
  • SFS and composite walls to external leaf.

If we’re being honest we’re not 100% sure what some of that means, but it certainly sounds impressive!