Do you remember starting University as a Fresher in September? Of course you don’t, and if you do then you’re doing it wrong. But fret not! Your wonderful friends at Hull University Union have got your back, and they’ve arranged a week of gargantuan partying to get your year off to a great start.

On top of a week (and an extra night, just to keep you going that little bit longer) of awesome clubbing, with guests like Jax Jones visiting our very own Asylum and entry to classic Hull club nights like Shuffle and Jelly at the Welly, and Get Lucky and Loaded at the Piper they’ve also managed secure you a bunch of other benefits. You’ll also get 50% off Domino’s Pizza collected from Beverley Road, and to balance that out a 7 day consecutive off peak membership at the University Sports and Fitness Centre. If you’re not sure about committing to the £89 for a semester of fitness offer then this could be a great way of trying out the facilities.

And how much do you think this is all going to cost you? For SIX club nights including two touring artists AND as much cheap pizza as you can work off during your free week in the gym? £12. That’s TWELVE POUNDS for a week (and a bit) of epic partying, bargain pizza and free gym use. What are you waiting for, you can buy your WelcomeFest Reunion wristband right now!

Just remember you need to do some work as well, right?