You’ve probably noticed the Sports Centre over there at the back of campus, by Inglemire Lane. I mean you can’t really miss it, right? But have you ever wondered what kind of exciting stuff goes on in there, and whether there might be anything for you?

Well the answer is that there’s LOADS going on in there, and we’re pretty sure that there’s something to suit everyone.

Gym Open Weekend

For starters, on the first weekend in February (that’s the 2nd and 3rd) the Beacon (that’s the new name for the Sports Centre) is holding an open weekend (that’s… Oh you get the idea). There’s lots for you to get involved with, including taster sessions with personal trainers, the launch of some exciting new Les Mills routines, competitions and giveaways and – if that all seems a bit too complicated – jus can just get in and try out the new gym.

If you fancy checking out the facilities with no obligation then you’ll need to get in touch with the Beacon and book yourself a place. The easiest way to do this is to pop in to reception, or give them a call on 01482 466234.

Semester Two Offer

If you’re so impressed by the facilities on offer then you’ll doubtless be pleased to hear that there’s a great offer on if you want to sign up to be a member.

If you sign up before the 15th of February, £89 will get you a membership until the end of June – at which point you’ll probably be about ready to go home for summer anyway. If you sign up by the end of January that works out to less than a fiver a week for access to fitness classes and racket sports as well as the modern, well fitted gym. You can sign up at the University’s online shop, or you can do it in person at the Beacon reception.

Couch to 5K

If you’re not so keen on sweating it out in the gym (and we can totally sympathize with that, Will in particular would much sooner be out running or riding even if it’s freezing cold and raining) then how about Hull Sport’s Couch to 5k programme?

Aimed at folk who are completely non-runners (hence the name!) it’s a great way to build up not only your fitness but also your running technique and confidence in a social, relaxed atmosphere. Everyone will be as much of a beginner as you are so you can all learn together.

Couch to 5k runs every Monday from the 28th of January from the Beacon, and should take around an hour from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. It’s only a pound a session and it’s completely free if you’re already a gym member.

Female Only Sessions (Fabulass!)

Hull Sport’s Fabulass programme of fitness sessions just for girls continues to go from strength to strength in 2019, with a whole bunch of sessions for you to get involved with.

Sign up to Fabulass at 7.30pm at the Beacon and for a measly 2 quid a session you’ll get a different surprise activity every week, all of which are designed to help with your fitness but also be fun, social and introduce the basic skills of a range of sports.

If you fancy something a little bit more focused then there are Female Squashfit sessions at the Beacon on a Wednesday night from 6pm to 7pm – you can sign up to a 12 week course for just £24 – as well as regular Monday night sessions (also from 6pm to 7pm) that you can just rock up to and pay your £2 to play.

Finally there’s the return of the super popular Girls That Lift sessions. These take place on Thursday evening in the gym at the Beacon from 7pm to 8pm and cost £30 for a 6 week course, starting on the 21st of February. It’s designed to increase your confidence in the free weights area by learning good techniques and how to add them into your own workout routines.

You can find out all about the different Fabulass sessions on their webpage.