It is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do when you graduate. And if you have thought about being self-employed the University can help you get started.

‘Today is a good day to start’ is one of Paula Gouldthorpe’s favourite mottos.  As the the Entrepreneurship Manager,at the University, it is one she encourages everyone who speaks to her to remember! Paula can help if you only have a spark of an idea for a business. With her support you can develop and grow your project. If you’re already doing it then she can help you move forward. ‘I offer a personalised journey’, says Paula, ‘they might only come once or want ongoing support’.

She is particularly keen to hear from anyone who is working on something innovative. And it’s not only about owning your own business anyone who wants to become freelance, run a social enterprise or a consultancy can get help. Self employment can also give you other skills; creativity, resilience and innovation, so even if you decide going it alone is not your calling you can put the experience on your CV and make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. So start today by emailing her,