You might have heard that there’s a cycle event taking place in Beverley tomorrow. Well that event is the mighty Tour de Yorkshire (why bother with the rest of the country when you’ve got all the best bits in one place?) and it’s your opportunity to see some of the world’s best cyclists fly through the town centre.

If you’ve never been to a cycle race before then you’re in for a treat. As well as the spectacular sight of hundreds of riders whizzing past at quite amazing speeds (both uphill and down) you’ll get to experience the lovely party atmosphere of the buildup, not to mention the sights, sounds and freebies of the caravan passing through before the race.

If you want to go see the race then you have a few options – you can see the timings of the women’s race and the men’s race and work out where you need to be but we’ve got a few local tips on what might be the best spots to watch…

As far as we know buses into Beverley shouldn’t be affected by the race (though they might be running a bit late due to traffic in the centre) so you should be able to get there and watch without any problem – just allow plenty of time, those riders won’t hang around! There are sure to be plenty of signs as to where to view and don’t forget the men will be going from Beverley to Hornsea then back again, so you’ll get to see them twice!

If you’re at the Lawns (or you get a bus up there) then you’re in luck – turn right out of the Lawns up Harland Way until you get to Keldgate Road then turn left up there. You’ll cross a footbridge over the A164 (you might *just* see the roundabout looking north from here) then when you get to the road by Skidby Mill turn right and in a couple of hundred metres you’ll see the route. You could also head all the way up Harland Way to the roundabout or bear right on Wood Hill Way depending where looks good.

If you have a bike and you fancy a spin out (and it looks like it might be a good day for it) then you could pick up the old railway track to Hornsea and either stop off near the Wrygarth Inn in Hatfield or keep going all the way to Hornsea to watch there. And if you do that then you should definitely treat yourself to fish and chips!

There are plenty of other places you could go watch from too, if you have any great suggestions then please let us know! Wherever you decide to go we’d definitely recommend getting there really early (especially if you’re travelling by road) and take plenty of food, drink, warm clothes and suncream. Just in case.

Let us know if you manage to get to see any of the race and any adventures you have along the way in the comments below or on our Campus Life Twitter!