1. Stretch – Stretching and mobility is very important to maintain supple muscles and happy joints.
  2. Keep moving – When constantly sat at a desk, studying or working your body will get used to being in that position which might not be the optimum one! So move around, stand up and walk for 5 minutes or even on the spot, as this will encourage blood flow and help you stay comfortable for the day.
  3. Make sure you are supported – Many people complain of lower back (lumbar) pain from sitting down too long. Why not invest in a back support or even use a rolled up jumper to protect your back? This should help maintain an upright positioning.
  4. Shoulders back chin up – If you focus on these two things you will be more inclined to have your chest high making it easier to breathe.
  5. Squeeze tummy and bum – If you are constantly standing up then it is good to engage (squeeze) your bum and tummy, but not 100%! Just enough to support your spine and pelvis, as there are very important areas for maintaining good posture.

Why do we need to focus on maintaining good posture? Doing so will mean your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as they should. Your vital organs will be in the right position and can work effectively, also helping the nervous system function normally.