Now you’re probably thinking ‘it’s summer, I’m in the middle of exams right now, why on earth would I want to sign up to sit in a gym instead of have a barbecue?’, and we totally get where you’re coming from.

But hear us out for a minute.

You can’t help but have noticed the amazing new building that’s sprung up next to the old sports centre. You know, the one with the massive three-court sports hall and rather lovely cladding. Yep, that one. What you might not know, is that right now, as you read this the old sports hall is being refurbished, with a massive 120-station gym (that’s waaaaaay bigger than anything we’ve had before) and a bunch of new studios too. In fact, what is currently the gym will be turning into a super fancy strength and conditioning centre.

Sounds pretty good right? More gym machines and space, more class space, more specialised bits… We think that’s pretty amazing. And it’s opening in June. That’s next month.

The lovely folk over at sport are currently running an offer whereby if you sign up to the gym by the end of May – and that’s only a couple of weeks away, so don’t hang around too long – your membership fees will be frozen for life. So as long as you stay a member, you’ll get access to all of these amazing new facilities – and that includes classes and use of the squash courts too – plus anything else that gets added all for the same price you sign up for.

Pretty good right? We reckon it’s well worth signing up even if you don’t go much over the next few weeks, just to get that lifetime lock. Plus it’s forecast rain on Friday, and let’s be honest it’s probably best not to assume anything about the weather in this country…