As if running a 26 mile marathon isn’t ludicrous enough, some complete lunatics decide to throw on their favourite fancy dress just to make things that little bit harder! But given that its all part of the fun and atmosphere of the day and raises lots of pennies for great causes, we absolutely love it. Crazy costumed running people… we salute you!

The Indiana Jones

Definitely no time for wee breaks with that rolling behind you.

Indiana Jones

The Mad Hatter

You’d have to be…

Mad Hatter London Marathon

The Mario Kart

A race within a race, with added tash!

Mario Kart London Marathon

The Minion

‘Ka sama toop ta race!’

Minion London Marathon

The Frodo Baggins

You thought he would have been done with long distance events after the last ordeal.

Frodo London Marathon

The T-Raptor

Where on earth is this person seeing from?

Raptor London Marathon

The Honey Monster

No doubt sufficiently fueled on sugar.