“For a club who have only been formed for 6 months to come 2nd in the University Championships is absolutely amazing, I am incredibly proud of my team!”

Hi, I’m James Morris and I am the joint President for the University of Hull Wheelchair Basketball team, along with Georgina Lord. In my first year I refereed at the University Championships and after seeing how much fun it was, I promised some of the other teams I would be back the next year with my own team, and that I did!

The University of Hull Wheelchair Basketball team was formed at the start of this academic year after myself and Georgina spent the whole summer organising, purchasing equipment and traveling all around the country purchasing second hand sports wheelchairs.

Since purchasing the chairs, we have now formed the first ever Wheelchair Basketball team that the University have ever had, and the club is growing and growing each week! As the club have been training, we decided as a team that we would like more competition and that’s why we decided to enter the University Championships. The University team won 5 out of 6 matches against: University of Nottingham, Stirling, Northumbria and Durham. Our most hard fought win was against the University of Bath, a very good team and challenge! Our team qualified to get into the final against the University of East London for the final and unfortunately, we were defeated. However, this has only made the team more motivated and eager for the next competition and we cannot wait.

So, if you’re sat there thinking ‘I want to give it a go’, DO IT. My main advice I would give is give it a go no matter who you are! Wheelchair Basketball has a lot of mystery around it, especially as to whether or not you can play if you’re not disabled, and I can tell you that it is an inclusive sport, meaning that we welcome all people including able bodied.

The club train at the University Sports and Fitness Centre every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm, Thursday 12-1pm and Saturdays 10-11am. No need to book, just turn up to the session and come give it a go!

For more information please visit the club Facebook page.