You’ve arrived at university and among your possessions is a smartphone, laptop or maybe even a smart television or tablet. Remembering to bring your expensive hardware also means being responsible or risk losing them…

 As a student you are, sadly, very attractive to would be burglars. According to the University beat bobby, PC Carl Palmer : “A large number of student burglaries are through open doors and windows. We have traditionally seen student homes targeted by burglars and we are keen to prevent this from occurring this year.”

PC Palmer and the local Community Policing Team will be patrolling the streets around the University and if they spot a property which has an open window or insecure door then they will be speaking to the occupants.  And if you find a leaflet with a hairy hand, posted through your window it will be a warning from the police to lock up or risk being burgled.

The police also advise you avoid leaving your prized, expensive valuables on view and take the time to register them on the property registration website, which helps them to be identified and returned if lost or stolen.

If that isn’t enough of a deterrent then be aware, if you don’t lock your doors or windows then your insurance will not cover you for theft unless there has been a violent or forced entry.