The refurbishment work on our old sport & fitness centre continues at pace, with handover still scheduled to take place in May this year – perfectly timed for the hosting of the Allam British Open which starts on 20 May.  

The new fitness suite and studios will be a welcome addition to our superb new facilities in The Beacon.  Presently, the fitness suite is housed in what will become a dedicated strength and conditioning studio.  Our staff are already busy sourcing some superb new S&C equipment which will, without doubt, enhance our members’ training experience. 

We have a few snaps in from the contractors showing us what’s been going on inside the building recently – we should all spare a thought for the poor guy who has, single handedly, removed the solar screening off the windows! This alone has made a huge difference to the appearance of this listed building.  The concrete is also benefiting from a full clean, top to bottom.  

Here’s the latest photographs from February so far – we’ll continue to keep you updated!