Well it’s a while since we’ve posted about the new Sports Centre, not because nothing has been happening (it definitely has!) but because we thought we might be going a little bit over the top with the updates. There’s so much happened in the last few weeks though that we couldn’t help but pop something up to tell you about it!

Probably the first thing you’ll have noticed, if you’ve been on campus in the last few weeks, is how cool the cladding on the outside of the building. We can see it from our office, and when the sun is shining it looks really spectacular. The other side, facing Inglemire Lane, is possibly even better!

But it’s on the inside (where you and I can’t see) where the really exciting work has going on. Until recently most of the internal photos still looked very much like an empty shell, but it’s now starting to look like an actual building. There’s a sprung floor going into the Sports Hall, tiling is going into the changing rooms… It really is going to be something special!