It feels a little bit like we say this every time, but have you seen the progress on the new Sports Centre? It’s starting to look like a proper building, you can’t see through it or anything. As well as the cladding looking super cool and stylish it’s also going to be really practical too.

A building of this size and stature will be a welcome addition to the facilities that the University of Hull has to offer not only to its existing students but those who are considering Hull for the future.  We are absolutely certain that the future of sport and fitness at the University will be enhanced by this fabulous new facility, quite literally on the doorstep for those students who choose to live on campus.

A group of representatives from various areas of the University has, over the past few months, engaged in discussions and consultation with students, staff and customers as to the naming of our new building.  We are delighted to say that a preferred name has now been agreed by the Group and we hope to be able to share the building’s name with you very soon (subject to a formal decision).  Similarly, a “brand” for sport at the University of Hull will also be launched alongside the opening of the new facilities.  All very exciting indeed!