You’ve probably been following the progress of the new Sports Centre building (and even if you haven’t, you can’t help but have noticed the bloomin’ great building that’s sprung up at that end of the campus). As work continues apace to get it all ready for a September opening it’s inevitable that there will be some disruption caused, and unfortunately we’re about to experience some of that soon.

From May 21 the contractors will be installing the power supply to the new building, from the substation you might have noticed at the west end of the sports centre. This means that from the end of the Sports Science building all the way around to the current Sports Centre entrance will be completely closed to all vehicles. You won’t be able to drive down there, and you won’t be able to park down there. If you have a permit then you’ll be able to use the temporary cricket pitch car park, and if you don’t then you’ll be able to use the pay and display car park on Inglemire Lane.

You will still be able to walk through to the Sports Centre from campus, though you’ll have to go right out onto Inglemire Lane then back in again.

This is Phase 1 of the work, which will end on June 1; unfortunately after the weekend we’re then straight into Phase 2, during which the pedestrian walkway will also be closed. You’ll still be able to access the Sports Centre from Inglemire Lane, and there will be a temporary reception added at the fire exit of the Sports Science building so you’ll still be able to get in from on campus. Vehicle access will remain the same. Phase 2 ends on June 8, after which all being well everything will be back to normal.

So, in summary:

Monday May 21 – Friday 1 June: No vehicle access to Sports Centre car park, pedestrian access available. Entry to Sports Centre via Inglemire Lane entrance.

Monday 4 June – Friday 8 June: No vehicle OR pedestrian access to Sports Centre car park. Entry to Sports Centre via Sports Science fire exit or Inglemire Lane.

If you’ve any questions, best drop an email to