Blocked drains are major issues that can seriously damage your house and  be an inconvenience to you and your housemates. Here is some useful information about what causes these blockages and what you can do to prevent them.

If you have a blocked shower for example, which you cannot clear easily yourself, report it immediately and DO NOT let water build up in the shower tray to the point that it overflows onto the floor.  This could cause major damage to the floor and the ceiling of the room below and the household WILL be held responsible and charged accordingly for any repairs! Nobody wants to be the person that caused the entire house to be charged for damages, so report issues as soon as they occur!

If you report a blocked sink, shower or drain we will send a maintenance engineer to unblock it for you. If it is blocked with food, grease, hair and soap scum etc, this will be classed as damage and the household will be charged a small amount for the repair.

Do not pour foodstuffs and fats down kitchen sinks and toilets as this causes blocked drains.  Carefully dispose of fats and foodstuff by placing them in the kitchen bin provided!!!  Problems with blocked drains can sometimes be caused by the shower drain/plug hole cover in the shower that has been removed.

If your shower drain/plug hole cover is missing, please call into the Accommodation Office and let us know, don’t shower without it or you might be charged for potential blockages!