Saturday the 15th of September, moving day. I am sure a lot of you guys did the exact same thing, felt the exact same way and packed a lot less than me. I had to turn my gran and grandad into movers for a day and get them to trail slowly behind our car, just so I could bring an IKEA shelving unit and my telly. I wasn’t nervous about moving in as such, it was who I was going to be living with. For all I knew, it could have been a baby-faced lad who brings girls back every night and leaves his stupid bean stained plates all over the kitchen, and that is extremely annoying to me.

So anyway, I arrived, got my room key and headed up to my floor. I live in Westfield Court by the way. The key card system makes you feel very official, so I approve of that. I met one of my roommates, and I approved. Having three other people help you get unpacked may seem like a big help but NO. It was one of the most stressful moments of my life and I would never like to repeat this situation again. What my gran couldn’t understand was that this was MY room, and I wanted things to go where I wanted them, but no lol, if my gran thought my shirts should go in this draw, then there they would stay. Little did she know, as soon as she left, I unpacked all my clothes from their ‘temporary homes’ and moved them to their permanent homes. Everything fit perfectly into place, and even though I thought I had over packed, I had plenty space for more!

Forgot to say, I knew we only got two cupboards to ourselves in the kitchen. This was very important to me that I got the best ones as I didn’t want to be in the middle of the baby face boy and the stuck-up lass. Before I even looked at my bedroom properly, I ran, and I mean I barged into the kitchen and placed two single mugs in each of the cupboards I wanted. I was happy.

A few hours later, all my flat mates had moved in. There was Tom, a sport major, who came from Newcastle too. Then there was Cole, a Lego loving, computer science major. Isy, a Psychology major, who was right opposite my room. Molly, the Criminology major. And Luke, the Politics Major. We had a large selection of people in our flat, which made us all very interesting to one another. Obviously, drama is a little less academic compared to everyone else’s, so I just made my introduction: “I’m just here to dance around for 3 years”, which is kind of true. The best tip I could give when moving in is, bring a door stop!!! Keep your bedroom door open, so that when your new roommates are passing you can have a chat, it also makes you look super approachable. And if you are a nervous person, who doesn’t like making the first move, let the more confident ones come into your room.

We had all planned to go out that night, due to the Hoosiers playing at the Uni night club, and it was Freshers, we had to. Me and Tom, took it upon ourselves to invite the other flats on our floor, to some pre-drinks. The more the merrier yeah? Well 8pm rolled up, and nee one had come to join us, we were having a great time, but had immediately made enemies on our floor. Until, we heard a little knock. Everyone fell silent, and a lonely girl walked into our kitchen with a bottle of wine (already my kind of lass), and the note. We had saved this poor, poor girl. All her flat mates didn’t talk to her due to cultural differences and therefore she had made no friends, as of now. Sure, she talked like a farmer and she was one of those vegan people, but she was great fun. Going out was a confidence booster! We were all very chatty and there was no awkwardness because everyone felt the same way! When we were at the Hoosiers, we also met so many people, that I have never seen again to this day. But knowing that I could socialise and meet people, as easy as that was so comforting and definitely helped me get settled in.

Overall, the first day was a blast. My room was amazing, I got the kitchen cupboards I wanted, my flatmates were lovely, and we had saved a girl from the depths of sober loneliness. If I could give any tips, they would be…

  • Bring a lock for your food cupboard!! You never know what little rascal could take your last pack of super noodles.
  • BEST TIP IN THE WORLD INCOMING… make sure that all your cutlery and kitchen ware are unique or a different colour. I brought the most beautiful rainbow kitchen things, and when everyone is fighting over whose white plates are whose, or whose silver forks are whose, I can easily identify which are mine! And everyone is jealous, lol.
  • Bring push pins and pictures! They nearly always give you a board that you can pin your things too and just putting work and timetables up there is boring! Spice up your life (yes, I am a hardcore Spice Girl’s fan) and bring some pictures to put up! I even added some colourful borders to all of mine, but that’s just me.
  • Don’t bring too many coats or shoes. Other items of clothing are easy to fit into spaces, and onto shelves. But you only have a minimum of hooks and shoe spaces. I brought two pairs of doc martins, a pair of Converse and some trainers and it’s a little bit of a struggle to even fit them in.
  • Bring multiple tea towels. Weird one, I know. But they get dirty so easily and washing your clothes is such a task, so you don’t do it often. If you want to be drying your dishes with clean tea towels, bring a few.
  • Bring a good clothes dryer, rack thingy. Drying your clothes in the machines every time is going to get expensive, so if you have a spacious, compact dryer rack thingy, then you don’t need to keep paying. Plus, there was plenty of space in my room to hide it away.
  • When your parents leave, don’t give them all your suitcases and boxes! Boxes can easily fit under your bed! I keep my cleaning things and even pasta sauces underneath, it’s so convenient. Also, when you take the train home, you may need something bigger than your backpack to take all your washing home (believe me, you will be doing this). I have kept my little suitcase with me, and it fits everything I need in perfectly, while also being convenient for short trips on the train.

I have so many more tips, which I will make a separate blog post on. But I really hope these unique things keep you from making silly mistakes when you arrive.

Thanks! Rach xx