Christmas shopping. It’s happened to the best of us. There we are, sat in front of Amazon with a vast range of bargain tat at our fingertips and we realise that actually, it’s all rubbish and we’re throwing our money at a faceless multinational corporation in return for trinkets and gewgaws that will be mouldering in the back of a cupboard by the time January rolls around. 

But what else are you going to do in this day and age? Go to an actual shop? Well you could do, and we’ve made a handy list of some of the terrific local shops around Hull so you can support local business, which is a wonderful thing to do. But what do you actually buy when you get there? Here are a few ideas… 


If you’re buying for someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the there’s little better you can give than an original artwork from a talented artist. Now we can’t all afford the Mona Lisa, but fortunately Hull has a ton of awesome creatives to choose from. Most of them can be purchased direct from the artists, but if you want to buy something from a real shop then be sure to check out Form on Humber Street (and say hello to Alice and Joe while you’re there). 

Nick Coupland

Nick does awesome drawings of buildings. We know, that doesn’t sound super exciting, but trust us, they’re super awesome. Especially if you like Brutalism, like we do. But even if you don’t, he has some brilliant prints of Hull that would make amazing gifts… 


No, we have no idea how to pronounce it either. Emma makes awesome abstract (and sometimes less abstract) art, usually with acrylic on canvas, and at amazingly reasonable prices too. We can’t think of any better way to have a completely unique and original artwork on your wall whilst supporting a talented artist at the same time. 


It’s a sad fact that in these days of Spotify and iTunes people just don’t buy music as much any more. And that’s a shame, because a nicely wrapped record or CD always goes down a treat under the Christmas tree, in our house at least. And it just so happens that Hull happens to have some amazing bands… Again, you can pick most of these up direct from the artists in question, but if you want to have a browse and listen first (best way!) then pop into Warren Records and have a chat to Mike. 


Do you like your metal heavy, sludgy and groovy, and supplied with some frankly epic beards? Then you could do a lot worse than checking out Battalions, who have just released their vinyl debut Forever Marching Backwards on APF Records. 

Emma Fee

If you prefer your music a little more on the gentle side then check out the lovely acoustic strains of Emma Fee. When she’s not busy being part of The Mighty and the Moon (also awesome) she releases her own brilliant albums too. 

Let Man Loose

If you like your indie with a rock and roll swagger (or your rock and roll with an indie swagger, we won’t judge) then we think you’ll really enjoy Hull four piece Let Man Loose. We also think it’s only a matter of time until they’re selling out big venues all around the country, so keep an eye on them… 

Trinkets and Gewgaws

Let’s be honest, if you’re buying a present for your mum or your nana Doris a heavy metal record or some abstract art might not be quite the ticket. We’ve done our best to get our mum listening to Slayer, but it’s not quite happened yet. She is partial to a nice Rothko though, so we’re getting there. Anyway, we’ve done your research for you and dug up some slightly more traditional gift ideas for you… 

Hull From Above Calendar

You know how your mum is always asking you what Hull is like, and all you can tell her about is the state of the bar in Piper and what the backs of the chairs in the lecture theater smell like? Well get her this ace little calendar by Octovision Media and she’ll have her own lovely pictures of Hull to enjoy (and won’t need to keep asking you). 

Oresome Jewellery

If you REALLY love your Nana Doris (and we’re sure you do) then you could treat her to this super cute Chicken Pendant from the equally awesome Oresome Gallery. It’s not cheap (and we’re not sure how much it looks like a chicken), but you can’t put a price on love right? 

Come to Hull T-Shirt

You know how everyone likes to crow about how horrible Hull is, despite the fact they’ve never even bothered to visit and see how awesome it really is? Well show ’em what they’re missing with the rapidly approaching cult status T-Shirt from A Different Hull. Then don’t let them visit, ‘cos frankly we don’t want there type here. 

We’re going to leave it there because this post is getting really long, and to be honest if you’ve made it this far then you probably deserve a medal. But we’ve barely scratched the surface of the awesome stuff that’s coming out of Hull – so get out there and explore, chat to the people who run the little local shops and make the amazing local stuff – they love what they do, and they love to talk about it.