Today is the Spring Equinox – the date when days start to be longer than nights (YES!) and also the official day of spring. What’s more, as we type this it’s absolutely glorious outside, and forecast to get as warm as 16° later on today, which really does make it feel like spring has sprung (just don’t look at the forecast for the weekend, when we’re going for our first mountain bike ride in months).

But that’s not all that’s happening today! It’s also International Day of Happiness, with a theme of Happier Together focusing on what we have in common rather than what divides us, which we think is rather lovely (and also quite apt at the moment).

So your challenge for today – should you choose to accept it – is to reflect on the groups that make you happy, and how you might be able to help make the other people in there happier than they are now. Could be friendship groups, coursemates, sports teams, international unions… Whatever.

Oh look, the sun’s gone in now. Oh well. Have a nice day!