I want you to imagine a person just got engaged showing off their new engagement ring, recanting the tale of how they proposed people checking out the incredibly large black rock like piece of carbon going ooh look at that, that’s different. It’s no diamond. It’s strange but you never think of the process of items you just accept them for what they are, diamond is a diamond not a large piece of carbon that has had incredible amount of pressure and heat to it and then expelled to the earth’s crust to create a diamond. The same happens with yourself granted you’re not expelled on to the earth’s crust, but at university the pressure builds. It was a few weeks after starting university I started to have nightmares about maths. Now as Christmas is looming I know I have exams just after Christmas and I’m sure that might be the case for quite a lot of people, I’ve started to have nightmares about the exams and I guess that’s just a way for my mind to process the pressure.

Pressure can come from array of different forms and come with a variety of implications, from social to work to studies to family, each can add up to hefty load. Personally I blog for Campus Life, I am the president and founder of the Mature Student Society, I am a course rep and I’m a member of the Airsoft Society all whilst studying for my degree, I’m working almost full time hours and have a family so my pressure is up there. But it’s pressure that I want and I put myself in, people say that when you’re in a pressured environment you either sink or swim and I believe I will swim. I don’t tell you this because I’m trying to stroke my ego or flex my confidence, I do this to show you, you are not alone in feeling the pressure, you are not alone with the strains this life puts on you and there are ways to channel this. Social interactions to take you away from the work, take time for yourself, if you need to talk there are lots of people you can talk to and the support network is in place.

On the first day my AST told us that “the best thing you can do is to tell the person that you’re close to that you’re changing, that at the end of this you won’t be the same person”. I make this reference because throughout your time at university you will change and it might happen slowly or it could come in a rush but the pressure that comes with this life changes and develops you. When you started your course you were a lump of carbon, with the work you undertake and knowledge you gain you change your outlook and opinions. The pressure of the university life will be your advantage when you graduate when you achieve your goal the person collecting that degree is not the person that started the course. You have become a precious diamond, so when you are tired and not sure if you should get out of bed for that lecture remember you’re going to shine.