Following the success of Yorkshire Pudding Day (it was awesome, right?) the talented guys and girls in the kitchen are super excited to announce a total overhaul of our Street Food menu. The old menu was great, but it had been on there for quite while and we were a little bit worried you might be getting bored. So we came up with some new ideas… To keep things nice and simple, each Street Food option is priced the same at £4.80.


If for some reason you skipped the puds yesterday you might’ve noticed the magnificent choose-your-own burger station. A bit like a choose-your-own adventure book (remember those? No? Just us showing our age?) you can pick either a 6oz beef, lamb or pork and chorizo burger, then finish it with your choice of toppings including salad, cheese, bacon, gherkins, chorizo (so you could double chorizo – we’re well up for that), mint yoghurt and burger relish. Naturally you’ll also get fries with that.


Tuesday’s Street Treat (we just made that up. Totally gonna keep using it) is the intriguingly named Italian Cheese Wheel. Not just a wheel made of cheese, it’s actually egg pasta dressed with cheese from the wheel and finished with your choice of toppings – crispy bacon, onions, mushrooms, chorizo, spring onions or chives.


We’re possibly most excited about Wednesday, because Wednesday is curry day. Served in either a naanwich (we didn’t make that one up, sadly) or with rice you can pick the main element of your curry from chicken, beef or paneer cheese, then choose your extras (chickpeas, peppers, mushrooms or onions) and finally choose either tikka masala or korma sauce. Finally it’ll be finished with fresh coriander and slices chillies!


If you love a good stir fry then you’ll love Thursday. You’ll get chicken, vegetables, noodles and bean sprouts cooked in your choice of hoi sin, sweet chilli, soy sauce or sesame oil. We can almost smell it already, and it’s only Tuesday.


If you loved Yorkshire Pudding Day (or even worse, if you missed out) then fear not! Every Friday we’re offering either braised brisket of beef or slow cooked shoulder of pork rolled in a giant Yorkshire pudding with roasted vegetables and potatoes, and of course a good dollop of gravy.

Bonus Bargain Burger

But wait! There’s more! Back due to popular demand is our £2.50 4oz beef or cheeseburger, served with fries. Just as succulent and delicious as our regular burger, but a little bit more healthy and cheaper to boot!