You might have noticed a new drink appearing in the cafes and vending machines around the site recently, called iPro Sport. It’s a sport hydration drink (like Lucozade Sport or Gatorade) with a few important differences.

If you do regular exercise (and you should, it’s great), then you probably enjoy a refreshing sports drink before, during and after your session. And if you’re in the middle of exams at the moment then you’re probably well aware how important it is to stay well hydrated. But have you ever stopped to think just exactly what it is that you’re drinking?

Whilst most of the top sports drinks are packed with the goodies you need to keep you going longer and recover well they also contain some not so pleasant stuff, ranging from vast amounts of sugar to lots of artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours, not to mention stimulants like caffeine. That’s where iPro comes in.

It’s sweetened with a natural substance called Stevia (remember that from Breaking Bad?) so it contains much less sugar and no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. It’s made with lovely natural spring water and contains all the electrolytes and vitamins you need for fast acting, healthy and natural hydration. iPro is also stimulant free, so no soaring caffeine high but also no crushing low to follow.

Most importantly we reckon that it tastes just as good as other leading brands, because let’s be honest it doesn’t matter how good for you something is if it tastes horrid. So if you’re struggling with hydration at the gym, in the exam hall or even just with your day to day study then iPro might well be worth a look.