Hello so we have a few weeks under our belt, starting to get into a routine and getting familiar to the buildings and the people in your space. Building friendships I believe is a key part to your studies – being able to share your ideas and work things out go a lot smoother with a support network. As a mature student there is an obvious age gap the gap between myself and the next youngest person of 10 years. I never thought my age would be as big of a barrier I would have to overcome, it’s challenging.

Making friends, it used to be so easy. I was at a birthday party my eldest daughter was invited to one, and at this party there were kids she knew and those she didn’t. To make friends with the ones she didn’t all it took was ‘do you want to play?’. Could you imagine you’re sat somewhere and someone comes up to you and asks ‘do you want to play?’ How freaked out would you be?

Now I’m trying to get involved as much as I can. I’ve joined a society, I write this blog and I’m becoming a course rep. There is an element to which I’m lacking in a bonding element which is socials, going out in a relaxed atmosphere having a drink and making a connection as a person rather than a student.

From fresher’s week to now I’ve been on the lookout but I’m amazed to find that there is no mature student society and to misquote Ghandi ‘be the change you want to see’ so I’m going to start one. A big ask, maybe but if I don’t am I to just wait around for someone else to do for it me? I can’t do that. Just like many things in life nothing happens if you do nothing about it, which goes against my parents favourite quote ‘everything happens for a reason’. No I did that.

Sorry I think I’ve gone off on a tangent. Back to making friends (I’ve even googled making friends, I know I rock) a lot of the results were quite frankly useless, most was more about be invested in you and don’t go after making friends do something you want to do and people will come to you. At the bottom of the page I can buy making friends on Amazon for low prices, not sure if you can order friends on Amazon but I can see the comedy sketch in my head. The best one I found is a website that’s like a dating site but just to make friends, in my time I’ve written quite a lot of ‘about me’ sections and no matter how I usually start, it soon turns into a very similar dating profile.

Hi I’m Marc I’m 33 and a mature student studying Engineering with a foundation year, I have children and work as a truck driver throughout the UK. My hobbies pretty much died off when I had kid’s lol I used to be into sailing, surfing and keeping fit (god I need to get back in the gym). I love films and I’m addicted to motorbikes, I generally like anything with an engine. I like long walks and watching the sun rise so if you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain…

Not going to go down well me thinks, setting up the society has been more of a challenge than anticipated filling all the positions has been a task but by the time your reading this it should be up and running. Wonder if I can get a building named after me? Marc Brooke building founder of the mature student society keep dreaming maybe for another reason who knows.