First of all, donate!

This is the perfect time to give your wardrobe and belongings a spring clean. There are great charity shops that would love any of your belongings, if they are in good condition. These include Dove House Hospice, Sense, Age UK and Oxfam on Newland Avenue. There’s also a British Heart Foundation donation box in Student Central and British Heart Foundation bags are available in The Courtyard and Westfield Court receptions. Could it be any easier?

Even if you have a bike and you can’t take it home, don’t just leave it abandoned…..

The Bike Hub are happy to take any old bikes and put them to good use for other students to rent in the future or The Avenues Bike Project can take old bikes to refurbish and send to Africa.

Do you have any leftover food? Any unused, unopened and non-perishable food would come to good use for a number of charities. Any of this food can be brought to the collection bin in Student Central reception and it will be donated to Hotdoggers and Soup Kitchens.

Recycling is key!

When you’re moving out, always check if the stuff you are throwing away is recyclable. This is good for the planet and will save space in your black bin.

After all of this, if you have too much stuff to fit in your black bin, you can use The Pink Bag Scheme.

Anything you can’t reuse, recycle or donate can be put in the pink bag and placed outside your house for collection.

The council will pick them up from outside your house or at the end of your street on the following dates: JUNE 7th/ JUNE 28th/ JULY 26th/ AUGUST 30TH

This year the council are picking up from more streets. These are: Beresford Street, Heathcote Street, Wellesley Avenue, Haworth Street, Grafton Street, Lambert Street, De Grey Street, Exmouth Street, Falmouth Street, Ventnor Street and Alexandra Road.

Make sure that on these days your pink bags are out! The council will then do all the hard work for you.


Generally Hull is a very safe city. But we know things happen, and thefts do take place.

As the weather gets warmer, we all like to have our windows and doors open, we all know what it’s like to be in a stuffy room. But please remember when you leave your property to close and lock them.

It will also help if you remember not to leave valuable items on display or within easy reach of windows and doors. This will prevent your property from being targeted.

Whilst moving out we would recommend that you do not leave your possessions on paths, at the kerbside or outside of your property unattended. We would also suggest that you do not leave a packed car for prolonged periods of time.

If you see anything suspicious, you should call the police on 101 giving your name, location and a description of the situation.

We wish all students a safe journey home.