Your student loan has been deposited into your account and you are tempted to spend, spend, and spend. Before you do here is some advice on how not to become skint before the end of term.

Being a student brings the added responsibility of being in charge of your money.  Along with your shiny new debit and credit cards your bank of choice will have no doubt offered you an overdraft.

But rather than getting in financial difficulties and panicking you should take advantage of some of the services offered by the university to keep you overdraft free and let you enjoy some luxuries.

The first place you should head is the Money doctors website. It has a budgeting tool where you can plan your budget on a monthly basis. They will also send you emails with your progress and useful tips for sticking to your budget.

The next tip is a no-brainer. Always be on the lookout for ways to save money. As a student you are fortunate enough to be on the radar of major supermarkets and retailers who want to give you a discount, in the hope that you will continue shopping with them once you have graduated and got a job. If you haven’t already then sign up to unidays . This is probably one of the best ways to save money on both life’s essentials and luxuries, retailers from Apple, to H&M and thousands more will let you pay less if you are part of the scheme. The NUS card is another great way of paying less. But you only have until December to buy the card and reap the benefits.  If you love cinema or travelling then this card offers major savings on both.

When you are food shopping look out for the value range that most of the big supermarkets have. You can buy food and household essentials for a lot less than the major brands.  And every day these stores will discount their fresh produce like bread, fish and meat. You should find out what time from the store assistants. We have also produced this handy guide for where to find supermarkets close to campus

Should the worst happened and you find yourself in financial difficulties don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Loans and Hardship team. They are based on the 3rd floor of the University House (Student’s Union building).