Anyone living in University accommodation is expected to behave responsibly. There are certain rules and regulations which must be followed, if they are not, this can result in a penalty.

Category A
This includes failing to keep your room and communal areas clean and tidy, displaying offensive materials, putting up items which may damage walls or furniture, damaging or littering the grounds, not being respectful of other people and causing excessive noise.
Penalty: A strike may be issued. If you receive three strikes, you will be referred for investigation as a Category B offence.

Category B
This includes, fraud, falsifying documents, making malicious comments about other students or staff members. Theft and violent, threatening or offensive behaviour or language.
Penalty: A fine may be issued, a final warning, cost of damages or absolute discharge.

Category C
This includes bringing in a weapon, any activity relating to the supply or cultivation of illegal substances, bringing in unlawful drugs, including legal highs and harassment.
Penalty: Penalties from Categories A or B may be issued, as well as suspension or temporary or permanent exclusion from your accommodation. We may also terminate your contract.