Sick of the same bland meal over and over again? It’s time to know your your cayenne from your cumin, your Mediterranean from your Middle Eastern and your Chinese Five Spice from your Chili Powder!

By understanding how to combine complementary spices and herbs you can replicate the recognisable flavours you love at your favourite restaurants. Or better yet, go full Jamie Oliver and try to create your very own trademark tastes.

Not only is it a great way to add more pizzazz to your plate, you’ll save money on expensive pre-made packets and jars by mixing your own. Fajita fanatic? Create your own bulk jar of Mexican flavour to keep going back to and save those precious pennies!

So if you want to understand how to give your curry a kick and your pasta the Italian authenticity it deserves, Cooksmarts has put together some excellent infographics to help you on your way to mastering the world of herbs and spices.

Spice Infographic Small

When it comes to buying your newly beloved spices, we recommend adding one or two to your collection every time you go for a big shop, otherwise you’ll end up spending a fortune.

Spice Rack

If however you are feeling a little bit flush, you could treat yourself to a pre-made spice rack. We found this Schwartz one on Amazon, but if you pop out and shop around discount home stores like Home Bargains and B&M you’re likely to pick one up much cheaper!