As of right now we’re offering Keepcups at all of our coffee shops. ‘What’s a Keepcup?’ we hear you ask. Well that’s a good question.

Keepcups are an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable cups that your coffee usually comes in. They’re made of lightweight plastic and are non-toxic, BPA and BPS free and even dishwasher safe. That bit’s important, because the whole point of Keep Cups is that they’re reusable.

Now – before you say anything – yes, plastic is generally a bad thing. But a single Keepcup is equivalent to around 20 disposable coffee cups; meaning that if you use it for a year it could save as much as 3kg of plastic waste. And if you look after it (they do need washing) then it should last a lot longer than a year. And when it does finally reach the end of its life the polypropylene it’s made out of is super easy to recycle. There’s more information on just why plastic is used on the Keepcup FAQ page.

We also think that Keepcups are a much nicer thing to drink out of than the usual flexy disposable mugs with their brittle plastic tops. They even come with a funky little silicone band to stop you burning your fingers.

So what’s the catch? Well the only downside really is – like so many things in life – they’re not free, at least to start with. Your Keepcup will cost £6.50 from any of our outlets (full of coffee mind!) BUT, and this is a big but, every time you bring your Keepcup back for a refill you’ll get 15p off your coffee. So if you have a couple of coffees a day your Keepcup will have paid for itself in a couple of weeks, after which you’ll save enough for a slice of cake every week. And who can argue with what basically amounts to free cake for saving the planet?

And if you don’t like the style of our lovely University branded Keepcups, well don’t worry – you can bring your own and still get the 15p off your coffee (though maybe best check with staff at your favourite coffee spot just exactly what receptacles they’re able to fill).

Just to finish with, here is a great fact for you: over a year, the average coffee drinker’s beverage based landfill quotient could be reduced by 99% by using a Keepcup. That sounds pretty good to us.