Shakespeare once said ‘if music be the food of love, play on’. Well, love is definitely in the air tomorrow as once more the juggernaut of Valentine’s Day rolls inexorably towards us.

Chances are if you’ve not already made plans then you’re either a) really disorganised, b) single, c) hate the whole thing or d) all of the above. So, we’ve got a few Valentine’s suggestions for you to get you through the day…

Help! I’m disorganised!

There’s little worse than the impending sensation of doom brought on my the terrible realisation that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you have done literally nothing for your other half (who inevitably loves the whole thing, and gets hugely upset if you forget to do anything). But fear not! We’re here to save the day.

Mail order isn’t like the old days where you had to send off a cheque then wait three weeks and hope that whatever you’d bought might possibly turn up… But unless you have Amazon Prime it’s not much use for tomorrow, either. Fortunately Amazon have a huge Valentine’s Day selection, with plenty of Prime options for next day delivery. Our particular favourite is this Bosch Cordless Screwdriver in the ‘For Her’ section (not that we’re suggesting that a cordless screwdriver isn’t appropriate for a lady; more that it seems a strange Valentines choice amongst the cutesy socks and fancy earrings. And we’re not sure buying anyone a Fitbit for a present is the best idea unless they’ve asked for it…).

For him, how about some stylish socks, a leaf blower (which doesn’t seem very seasonal) or perhaps you have the best part of £800 spare for a wedding ring? We have to admit to being a little bemused by some of Amazon’s algorithms here!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, or perhaps you prefer to support small local businesses instead of (allegedly) tax dodging multinational corporations then you could do a lot worse than popping into town or down Newland Avenue. On Newland the lovely Eden Boutique will supply you with some beautiful flowers, and Tessie’s is full of lovely quirky clothing and jewellery at sensible prices. You might find something cool and retro in Dove House’s No. 87 vintage store and you can’t go far wrong with a tasty treat from Madison’s Deli.

Venture a bit further into town and you have a wealth of cool places. How about a zine from Type Slowly, some local artwork from Form or some magical chocolate from Cocoa?

I Hate Valentine’s Day. It’s Stupid.

We feel you. Who gives a stuff about a so called celebration of love invented by card manufacturers to fill a dead zone in their profits, right? It’s capitalism at its very worst!

Now obviously the easy solution here is not not do anything (except maybe complaining to everybody who’ll listen about how terrible it is) but why not consider turning your disdain into something positive? Linkey are a charity providing help to the homeless across the UK and they offer a ‘Valentines Gift Pack’ for £8 which provides a rough sleeper with essential items – toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shower gel and thermal gloves. Should give you a warm fuzzy feeling that a 1kg bar of Dairy Milk can’t quite manage…

And if you want to do something closer to home then Hull Homeless and Rootless Project and the Hull Homeless Community Project do some great work and are always grateful for donations. There’s also Project Hotdog who do some incredible work to feed the homeless; you can support them by donating or by eating at Hotdoggers Cafe on Spring Bank. The sausage and bacon butties are a thing of wonder!

I Want to go for a Meal but everywhere is booked!

Of course it is, its Valentine’s Day. But don’t fear, we still have spaces for lunch service at the Bronte Brasserie right here in Canham Turner. The menu is amazing and extremely competitively priced too. What are you waiting for? Walk ins are fine but we’re expecting it to be busy tomorrow so we’d recommend you pop into Canham Turner reception and book a table to be on the safe side…