Our brand new street food van hasn’t travelled as far some of the food it will deliver. For the rest of us the journey has only begun.

The van, or at least the talented chefs who will be in the driving seat, promise to educate our tastebuds. It will be open for business on campus plaza (close to the library) on Monday 10th October. And for the first few weeks it will not only be taking you to one country but to several continents. Mexican, Lebanese, Indian, Italian, German food will be on the menu. You will not only be spoilt for choice but we want you to take this as an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay (only without the foul language!) to let us know what you think of the dishes. You can email the man in charge, Richard Benson , with your views on which of the menus you preferred and to give us your suggestions on what it should be serving. And to get your mouth watering here is some of the food you can eat.

Lebanese flatbreads 

Lamb Kofte kebabs, fennel salad, minted cucumber yoghurt sweet red pepper and chilli dip

Cajun Chicken skewers, red cabbage, coriander and lime crème fraiche red pepper and chilli dip

Marinated Mushroom and courgette skewers with slaw and red pepper and chilli dip

Easy eats 

Deep-fried mozzarella sticks with spicy salsa dipping sauce

Vegetable samosa with a minted cucumber yoghurt and fresh spring onions

Curry shack

Homemade meat and vegetable curry with rice and naan bread

Who isn’t hungry after reading that?