We’re really excited to introduce another Hull Campus Life contributor, Rachel Johnson. Over to you Rachel… 

Hi! I’m Rachel and I am currently 19, studying Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Hull. I am originally from Sunderland; however I normally say Newcastle as people know where that is. And yes, I do say ‘canny’ and ‘alreet’, but you will never catch me saying that I’m ‘going doon the toon’.

Although you may think a Drama student is confident, over the top and flamboyant, I also have the pleasure of experiencing many awkward and humorous positions. For example, my attempt at joining the rugby club, just a few days ago or the lovely icebreakers I had to take part in for my first few lessons. University life has lots of expectations and although I have tried my best to start out as a good and cool fresher, it certainly hasn’t been the most successful.

I want this blog to not only be about my good experiences during University, but also the embarrassing and sad parts. Not everything is perfect and people need to realise that there are still things that get in your way, not just the big amount of money you owe afterwards. Flat mate issues? Finding it hard to fit in? What the hell do you wear to your first lecture? I will cover it, and hopefully I can be intriguing and informative while also bringing a slight bit of humour into it. I even think that most of the things I write about will be relatable to the students around me and they can realise that it’s not just them who left their fly down during their first day.