We’re lucky enough to have one of our newest mature students writing an occasional blog about his experiences at the University of Hull. So without further ado we’d like to introduce you to Marc…

Hi I’m Marc Brooke, I’m a mature student studying Electrical, Electronic and Energy Engineering. I’m going to be writing about my experiences with the hope you can relate or just find it amusing. With the start date looming and days going by quicker than I’d like to think about, the usual pressures and worries start to build. I’m sure this is true no matter the age of the student like am I going to be ok? Will my brain work when needed? And how many daft questions am I going to ask? Do I include that one?

The mature aspect of me has these questions but with some more and one that hit me out of the blue. 

Now I left a full time job, one that paid more than the national average, is this the right time? Will my family be taken care of with me working part time? And can I relate and work with the young bloods? That’s right I said it, either that or whippersnappers. 

I usually find myself contemplating things in the strangest of places, because the question which came out of the blue is one which came at possibly the worst time as I was picking out a pencil case feeling ridiculous. There are fluffy ones, sparkling ones, mermaid ones, banana ones – actually quite a bit of food related pencil cases. I’m feeling awkward and ridiculous all I need to do is fall over and I will have the full Miranda Hart moment. 

The question that baffles me with where did that come from – what if I walk into a room and they think I’m the lecturer?

What can I do to combat it? I could carry a skateboard, one that had never seen the floor because if it does it means my face will soon follow. I could do a funky dance while walking into the room, I’m sure that wouldn’t look strange. 

Then the cheeky side of me pops up ‘ok do it!’ Walk into the room and begin to perform some stand up till the actual lecturer comes along. The other possibility is I could walk in and begin like I’m teaching them but speak the lyrics of a rap or song and pray that someone joins in. The reality is I’m more likely get confused with a custodian or a delivery person rather than a student. 

After quite some consideration on these questions I have came to the conclusion that all this pressure had been put on me by me.  

I think the hardest part of all of this won’t be the work (although I’m under no illusion) the hardest part is to go for it. That first step to start your course to change your life has begun. You know the reasons, remember them they will push you through.  

So I’ll leave you (for now) with this ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.‘ Malcolm X