Today it’s our pleasure to introduce another new arrival at the University of Hull, Leah Lines, who will be blogging and vlogging about her experiences over her time here. We’ll let Leah pick it up here as she can introduce herself much better than we can! 

Greetings fellow students or teachers (we’re not trying to discriminate here)! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Leah Lines and I’m a first-year student studying Drama and Film here at Hull University. So yes, I’ve decided to take on board a joint course because I’m probably the most indecisive person you’ll come across in your lifetime. Grocery shopping with me is definitely a two-hour task. Picking white or brown bread becomes a war zone and trust me, it’s not very pretty to watch. Unlike single honour degrees, joint degrees allow students to create a safety net for when all chaos goes through the roof in one department of our studies.

Besides pointlessly ranting about myself, it’s rather important to know who’s behind the screen of the blogs you’re generously reading. In order to do so, I intend to create video content because ‘tone is everything, duh’. But, we also know after a full week of reading assignments, no uni student on this planet goes, ‘oh, let us go read an article by some random fresher’. And if you do, it’s highly appreciated. But seriously, if I do manage to interest you to the extent of wanting a one on one chat in person, just look for the girl holding a cigarette in her hand 24/7. #healthycopingmechanisms-part1

My ultimate aim is to be your personal guru/survival guide throughout your time here at Hull, and who even knows, maybe you’ll be phoning me up ten years after we graduate asking me, “Leah, how on earth can I stop procrastinating?”

Moving forward, here’s a smudge of background information about myself and how it’ll play a factor into the content I’ll be sharing with you all. I lived in the United States for five years (no I didn’t meet Obama and yes, taxes will ruin every outing of your life) and just like many students new to England, I have also found myself adapting to British society; it has not been all candy floss and rainbows. From the banter that’ll make you feel offended all the way to portion sizes that we might as well call snacks, it feels like we’ve been placed in our own version of the Twilight Zone. Banter makes me laugh and all, but am I really the only one who disagrees with calling your friend ‘stupid’?

Frustration aside, my time in the states greatly impacted my perspective on most topics, ways of living, and forms of interaction. Since being back in the UK, it’s been rather peculiar yet fascinating to see the difference in culture and I’ve found myself often drifting to thoughts of comparison. As we all are aware, comparing is self-destructive, but also lets us know what we want, and even more vital, who we aspire to be. America was where I spent the best years of my life, yet also experienced some of my worst. From finding my first love to the onset of a raging eating disorder attached to other mental illnesses, I’ve felt it all, and have seen how the environment we’re placed in plays a major role toward how we think and how we act on behalf of that thinking. Therefore, I’ve gathered several American and British friends of mine who want to discuss topics relating to the student experience of transitioning into the new world of University. The goal is to support and reach out to both international and home students with any problems they might be facing. From talking about dealing with intense homesickness to drinking games that signify nothing apart from ‘having a laugh’, we’ve got you covered! (and not the insurance kind.)

I want to make you laugh, cry, challenge your thinking. But most importantly, I want to make YOU feel less alone. If you’ve spent every night during this welcome week partying, you’re cool. If you’ve spent more time in your room then being outside, you’re cool too. Besides what you’ve been telling your mates, what really has your welcome week looked like? We’re told that we don’t “have to drink at all of these social events”, but when the last time you went to a nightclub sober and truthfully enjoyed yourself? If you have, creds to you!

University, believe or not, is a big change. Thus, keep calm and remember to read my blogs.