#HullsReady – Amazing Time-lapse of City Makover


You can now count down the days on two hands until Hull enters 2017 as UK City of Culture and the anticipation around the city is buzzing to say the least. The events schedule is packed day to day with incredible art exhibitions, massive music acts, captivating theater and so much more to do and see.

But amidst all the hype about upcoming events and activities, the city has been undergoing an incredible transformation. Multi-million pound renovation projects have been taking place as part of the Destination Hull initiative, which aims to get Hull in the best shape possible for it’s year in the limelight and look to make it a world-class visitor destination.

So whilst pavers have been upturned, cobbles preserved and buildings erected, Hull City Council has been capturing every moment with some rather impressive time-lapse videos. Take a look above at how Humber Street, Trinity Square, Queen Victoria Square, Ferensway and Jameson Street have all changed over the past year and keep up with future updates on Twitter from @destinationhull or by following #HullsReady.