The Hull University Union Advice Centre had a bit of a soiree last week (with cake!) to celebrate turning twenty years old. That’s older than some of the people reading this! The Advice Centre provides outstanding support and impartial advice to students on all sorts of subjects, from academic queries to housing and financial issues, helping them to make the absolute best of their time at university.

In the last year the Advice Centre has helped almost 7,000 students as well as finding over a million pounds in additional funding for those in need. The Centre doesn’t just have a positive impact on the students it helps; it also provides a powerful platform for students to develop a great range of key skills (as well as being a great support to their peers) by volunteering at the Centre.

The Centre can have a huge impact on students lives, and the celebrations have seen former volunteers returning from as far away as Nigeria, not to mention one couple who married in 2014 after meeting at the centre when volunteering from 2009 – 2011!

We’d just like to say a massive ‘thank you and well done’ to all involved with the Centre over the years; you’ve made a great contribution to university life for a lot of students, and we reckon you’ve more than earned your cake!