So by now you’ve probably started to find your way around Hull a bit; you’ve worked out all the important stuff, like where Lidl is, and Welly and Piper, and H&M. But there’s so much more to Hull than the obvious stuff if you don’t mind exploring a little bit, and we’re going to share some of our favourites with you right now. First we’re going to talk about food…

There are some proper awesome places to eat in Hull, way beyond the usual McDonalds and Burger King (though we have those too). Here are some of our favourites, both close to the Uni and around town.


You’ve probably already discovered the stack of takeaways that line Newland Avenue, not to mention the Domino’s on Beverley Road. In fact we actually ran out of fingers when we tried to count the chicken and pizza takeaways. But step off the main drag of Newland onto Exmouth Street and you’ll find the unassuming Japanese takeaway Heiseiya.

Will from the office has lived around the Newland area for well over a decade, and he claims that Heiseiya is by far his favourite takeaway in the area. They have a vast menu, they’re cheap, servings are enormous and – most importantly – the food is delicious. We’d particularly recommend a starter of vegetable tempura and chicken gyoza, followed by a chicken katsu curry or teriyaki salmon, but honestly it’s all good.


  • 27 Silver Street, HU1 1JG
  • 01482 227875

There are lots of places to get a sandwich in Hull. Lots of them are really good (Benedicts on Cottingham Road is another highlight) but if you’re in town then our favourite is definitely Relish.

They have a massive menu, ALL the sandwiches are made right in front of your very eyes (with amazing freshly baked bread and ingredients) and – as is most important – they’re super tasty too. You can be as adventurous as you like, or you can stick to the standards – the choice is yours.

El Chupitos

We’re kind of encroaching on the ‘Hull-ternative places to drink’ section here, as the cocktails at El Chupitos are absolutely magnificent; but they’re more than matched by the awesome food, so we’re popping it in here.

El Chupitos is the home of Mexican street food in Hull, literally minutes walk from the Uni, and it’s amazing. It’s not the most varied menu, with the range of tacos, quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas that you’d expect, but everything is cooked fresh to order (and in some cases even served up in a sizzling pan) and straddles the line between super flavoursome and too spicy just right. That said there are plenty of dishes that aren’t too spicy, and if you really want to blow your head off there’s always the taco roulette, if it’s still on the menu. Will tried these once and swears that for the rest of the evening he could actually see sideways through time, and had a coyote talking to him with the voice of Johnny Cash like in that episode of The Simpsons. 

El Chupitos is the perfect place to start a night out down Newland Avenue, it’s great for big groups and the food and cocktails are amazing. What more could you want? 


Now you might well have noticed that Hull is like the burger capital of the world at the moment. There’s the original Dope Burger, Voodoo Burger, Gadgie Burger and more. But our favourites (at the moment) are KerbEdge.

They have a couple of restaurants in Hull (one on Princes Avenue, one in St Stephens) and they do takeaway too, so they’ve got you covered whether you want to go out and have a meal with a few drinks, or sit on the sofa at home with a tasty burger treat. There’s a huge range of burgers to choose from (the Yorkshire Blue is a favourite) and plenty of meat free options too. They also do really good chips. And if you’re in one of the restaurants you’ll find a great range of beers from Atom if you don’t fancy one of their cocktails.

They even do breakfast, though probably not with cocktails. We hope.

Trinity Market

This one is cheating a little bit ‘cos it’s actually lots of different food vendors, but they’re all so amazing that it seemed criminal not to include them! So if you’re in town shopping and you fancy some top quality grub for lunch, you could do a lot worse than pop into Trinity.

We won’t list everything (because we’d be here all day) but some of our favourites are Cone Queen (Pizza. In a cone. Thanks us later), Shoot the Bull (Gourmet burgers and sammiches, they also have an amazing restaurant) and  Cocoa Chocolatier (Chocolate. SO GOOD). There is an absolute ton of stuff to choose from, and most of it’s pretty cheap too – you can generally get something to fill you up for under a fiver, or a bit more for the really fancy places.

Chilli Devils

Tucked away on a backstreet near the end of Whitefriargate is this little Hull gem. Chilli Devils is a tiny little bar / cafe which has a range of chillies and curries on any given night, always including one veggie (they change daily, but they usually post them up on their Facebook) along with a great selection of beers, often from local micro breweries.

As well as being awesome for food and drink they also have a weekly accoustic night on a Thursday plus all sorts of other exciting events for you to get involved with.

Zoo Cafe

Even though it’s little more than a stone’s throw from uni (unless you’ve got a REALLY strong arm) there’s a good chance you might not have spotted Zoo yet, and we think that’s a real shame. It’s one of our favourite places for a weekend brunch on Newland Avenue, and it just happens to be vegetarian too.

As far as we know it’s Hull’s only veggie and vegan cafe (there’s Hitchcock’s in the old town, but that’s more of a buffet restaurant), and as well as a delicious menu they also have lots of cool crafty things for you to check out.

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of all the amazing places to eat in Hull here – we could probably write a book about it (and we’ll probably add another post later on too). We definitely think that you should get out and explore, and try some of the many, many places where you can get some incredible food – and let us know! We’d love to hear what you think, either in the comments below or on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.