Hull City of Culture 2017


For anybody who doesn’t know, the city of Hull, your new home, has been voted the City of Culture for 2017 and the whole city couldn’t be more excited about it!

Join in the countdown to Hull 2017 when a spectacular programme of over 1500 events will take place.

Season 1: Made in Hull


Welcoming the world to Hull! Celebrating what we do best, from music to theatre and introducing the great people, artists and ideas that this fantastic city has.

Season 2: Roots and Routes

Hull is a place rooted in history but it is also in the heart of international networks. We will explore Hull’s connection and place within the networked, globalised and digital world.

Season 3: Freedom

We are a city of risk takers and rule breakers, a place where we inspire rebellion and freedom of thought! The summer months will celebrate this freedom with a party to remember!

Season 4: Tell the World

Focusing on the future and discovering what is next. A truly exciting time to be in this great city as we witness the start of something special in Hull.

Welcome to the future!