How ‘ull are you?


Now you’ve relocated to the mighty city of Hull, it’s time you learnt some of the local lingo! Most of the time it all comes down to pronunciation so here’s how to perfect that Hull twang.

Key words

Ellur – Hello

Errr nerrr! – Oh no

I aren’t – I am not

Fern Curl – Phone call

Kirk-a-curler – Coca-cola

Breadcake – Bread roll

Kecks – Trousers

Bains – Children

Burla – Bowl of

Dinntit? – Did it not?

Lerds ‘n lerds – Plenty

Mimmam – My mother

Key phrases

Yer for-ever mernin’ – You complain a lot

A penny all off – A short back and sides

Stop balling yered off! – Please be quiet

Canaborryit? – May I borrow that?

Summatup? – Is there something wrong?

Gorrit for nowt – I did not pay anything

Arm off erm now, tarrar – I am leaving, bye

Before you know it you’ll be doing everyone’s eddin’ with your new accent, errrr nerrrr!