This week the Skills Team tell you how you can use chocolate to help with your revision. Mm, chocolate. Check out their blog, with advice like this it must be good!

The Easter break is here and for many that means one thing…chocolate. This post looks at three ways that you can use chocolate to help your studies.

1. Just eat more chocolate

More frequent chocolate consumption has been associated with better cognitive performance. It’s true. There is research to support this – Crichton et al. (2016:126) found that eating chocolate led to superior “visual-spatial memory and organization, working memory, scanning and tracking [and] abstract reasoning”. So you have our full permission to pig out on chocolate eggs!

2. Reward yourself with chocolate

Set yourself specific, small, achievable study tasks and promise yourself a reward of something chocolatey when you have completed each task. This can be as small as reading certain pages in a book or journal article (you can divide it further by putting chocolate buttons at the end of certain sections).

3. Drink hot chocolate and watch videos!

OK, not exactly Netflix but YouTube has some great university level education videos. So snuggle up with a great hot chocolate drink (check out this BuzzFeed article for some variations) and tune in to some YouTube #education videos. Nobody can complain that you are not working!


Crichton, G. E., Elias, M. F. & Alkerwi, A. (2016) Chocolate intake is associated with better cognitive function: The Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study. Appetite, 100, 126-132.

This post was originally published in March 2017