So you’ve probably heard by now about the pretty amazing Fitness Suite Offer we have on at the moment. We’ve decided in the office that we need to find out for ourselves just how good the fitness suite really, and as the new guy I’ve been volunteered for the job.

I’m not a gym regular but I’m not shockingly unfit either (I cycle quite a bit) so I should be able to have a good crack at the classes without collapsing into a sweaty, crumpled mess halfway though every time… Right? I used to commute 60 miles a week by bike, so I need something to get my fitness levels back up.

So I’m going to be trying to fit as many different fitness classes in as I can over the course of a week and trying really hard not to break myself in the process. My timetable looks something like this (but is subject to change…)

  • Monday – 360 Rig Session in the morning, spin class at lunch. If I have any energy left (unlikely!) then Insanity at tea time.
  • Tuesday – Grit Strength at tea time, maybe Yoga later on.
  • Wednesday – Spin at lunch, Body Pump at tea time. I don’t think I’m ready for Zumba. Or Zumba is ready for me.
  • Thursday – Fat Blast at lunch, maybe Express Abs or Yoga at tea time.
  • Friday – Grit Plyo at tea time.
  • Saturday – no classes, so if I’m around I’ll be off to the fitness suite.
  • Sunday – I’ll most likely be out on my real bike, but if not I might try and chain class Dance and Fitness Yoga in the afternoon.

I’m also going to try and fit in a few sessions in the fitness suite just to make sure I really get a flavour for everything that’s going on over there. I reckon there’s a fair chance I might die trying to cram all that into a week, but it’ll be fun finding out right?

If you’re in the gym and you see me, come and say hello! I might not be able to talk beyond a wheezy rattle but I’ll be delighted to meet you. I’ll be adding to the blog daily if you’d like to keep up with how I’m doing.