Dr Nicholas Evans, one of our History lecturers at the uni featured heavily on the BBC 2 programme ‘A House Through Time’ this week.

The show is presented by historian David Olusoga and tells the story of one house in Liverpool, from when it was built in the 1850s right up to the present day. This week’s episode relied heavily on Dr Evans’ research on transmigration through Hull (and on to Liverpool) and featured many of the case studies, images and collections that he has collated over the past two decades.

Dr Evans said: ‘It was exciting to be able to take part in a major series that tries to tell our imperial past in such a new way. The resident was someone who I had researched some time ago and the creators of the programme were keen to use both my knowledge and images from my work. Filmed aboard the SS Great Britain, a floating museum berthed in Bristol, it will show the ordeals millions of Europeans experienced a century ago.’

The show premiered yesterday at 21.00 on BBC 2, but don’t panic! It’s on again tomorrow at 19.00 on BBC 2 or, if you’re a bit more rock and roll than us and don’t fancy spending your Saturday night watching a history programme it’s also on the iPlayer for the next 29 days.

If you’re interested in Dr Evans’ research into Britain’s migrant past then you can catch him speaking in the Wilberforce Building as part of the Culture Cafe talks on 20 January, from 11.00 to 13.00. It’s free, but booking is essential.