Well, that’s it. I thought everything hurt after yesterday, but now bits are hurting where I didn’t even know I had bits. I’ve made it though the week (just!) but I feel like I’ve more than earned a rest day tomorrow.

Today was leg day – I already have some power in my legs from cycling, but a lovely mix of leg weights has completely ruined me (not to mention the ongoing core suffering – why oh why did I say I wanted to improve my core strength? Oh, it’s because I don’t have any, that’s right!).

I think it would be disingenuous of me to say that I’ve enjoyed my first week back in the gym, exactly – I’m not really a gym person, I’d always sooner be out and about getting muddy and wet given the choice. But given my lifestyle at the moment, sessions at the gym are a great way to keep what fitness I have at an acceptable level whilst working on areas that need improvement, and the fitness suite here on campus is perfect for that. I’ve signed up for the semester and I’ll be working out at least three times a week – or at least that’s the plan!

From the experience I’ve had so far I’d definitely recommend joining the campus fitness centre if, like me, you need to get yourself a little bit more fit and healthy. The gym is really well equipped, the staff are brilliant and there’s a great range of classes too (I’ll be trying out some more over the next few weeks). It’s really good value for money too!

I’ll not be blogging about my fitness journey quite so regularly from here on in, but I will update occasionally when I try something new, or something happens that I think is worth letting you know about. Also, I’d like to point out that leg day was actually last Friday, I just didn’t have time to write it up before the weekend.