I have to admit that I’ve been approaching the Fat Blast class with some trepidation, even though in theory it’s something that I should really benefit from. The description on the Sport website and timetable (‘A high intensity interval training (HIIT) class with short bursts of cardio and barbell exercises’) gives some clues as to what to expect, but it really doesn’t convey quite how intense of a half hour it really is.

Well, after half an hour of what amounted pretty much to sheer torture I feel like I have a much better idea now. The description above is actually really accurate, but what it doesn’t tell you is just how intense the class really is. You never have a rest of more than a few seconds (instructor Alex did make it clear that it’s fine to take a break at any point then jump back in, but being the stubborn fellow that I am I did my absolute best not to take any rests… Though I did need the odd couple of seconds towards the end) and most of the exercises work both your cardio fitness and your strength pretty hard. As with most stuff you get out as much as you put in, and you can pick what weights you want to use at the start, but it’d be pretty hard not to get a fairly intense workout.

The range of exercises is pretty broad, and seemed to offer a genuine all over body workout. If anything I’d say I’m feeling it more in my upper body and core, but I’m a little biased there as most of my strength at the moment is in my legs so they’re bound to suffer less. I also might have a different view tomorrow! My heart rate was definitely elevated and the amount of sweat I produced suggests that something was going right.

Fat Blast is probably not for you if you like to potter around the gym looking nice whilst never breaking a sweat, but if you genuinely want to get an absolute beast of a workout in half an hour then I reckon you can’t go wrong. And much as I’ve made it sound pretty horrible up there I reckon it should be suitable for most levels of fitness – you just might have to swallow your pride and take rests where you need them for the first few sessions! I’ll definitely be adding it to my weekly routine where I can, I figure anything that hurts that much must be doing something good and I could stand to lose a few pounds.