Hull is not the biggest of cities, and the University is really well positioned for getting places – but it can still be a little bit bewildering staring at a bus timetable with rows of numbers that don’t mean anything or trying to navigate a busy road when you don’t know where you’re going, so here are a few handy tips.


It’s all very well having a bus timetable, but if you don’t know where you’re going it’s always going to be a bit of a struggle. So here are a few places you might want to visit while you’re here…

The City Centre

Sounds obvious, but the centre of Hull is your hub for lots more exciting places. It’s not a huge city centre, you can easily walk around it but it is (kind of) split into a few different bits.

The Middle Bit

From St Stephens shopping centre (handily located next to the main Paragon Interchange) to Princes Quay shopping centre is what we think of as the heart of the city. This is where you’ll find most of the big shops and chains including a giant Tesco, TK Maxx, Next, H&M and many, many more.

The Old Town

Head further east towards the river Hull (that’s the smaller river) and you’ll find the charming Old Town, full to bursting with amazing, quirky places to eat and drink and more than a couple of museums. There’s a brilliant street food concourse in the Trinity Market, the legendary Shoot the Bull and way more bars and pubs than we can list – you’ll just have to try them out.

The Fruit Market

Head south towards the Humber (that’s the BIG river!) over the main A63 and you’ll find the recently regenerated Fruit Market area, centred around Humber Street. As well as lots more lovely places to eat and drink you’ll also find some of the friendly, quirky little shops that give the place so much character. Will in our office likes it so much that he got married there!

The Seaside

One of the lovely things about Hull is its proximity to the East Coast. There are lots of beautiful towns and villages to explore (and paddle in), as well as some more remote spots too. Hornsea and Bridlington are a good start if you fancy making sandcastles and snaffling fish and chips, and both are an easy bus ride from town. Spurn Point is brilliant too, if a bit trickier to get to – you’ll really need to enlist the help of someone with a car if you want to go there.

The Countryside

You may be in the middle of a vibrant city, but in Hull you’re never far from the great outdoors. The rolling Yorkshire Wolds are only a short bus ride (or even a longish walk if you’re at the Lawns) away, and it’s a very quick train journey from Paragon Station to Brough. Venturing further afield there’s the North Yorkshire Moors and Dalby Forest but they’re trickier for travel. And if you want ‘proper’ hills then hop on a train to Sheffield then on to Hope or Edale and you’ll find yourself in the heart of the magnificent Peak District. Just remember to take a map if you’re going exploring!

Getting Places

Bus (the loser cruiser)

The nice thing about Hull is that in the centre everywhere is an easy walk from the main interchange, so you never need to faff around with transport once you’re there. And fortunately getting to town on the bus is just as simple – all you need to do is hop on a 103 or 105 whether you’re at the Lawns or the university campus. From the Lawns you can’t go wrong; from uni, make sure you’re waiting for the bus on the same side of the road as the main campus and you’ll be fine.

Once you’re done in town you can pop back to the Interchange and – you guessed it – jump on a 103 or 105 to take you home. What’s more if you need to get from the Lawns to campus or vice versa, you need the same bus – simples!

Find out more about services and timetables.

On yer bike

Because it’s so flat Hull is a great place to travel by bike. There are plenty of places to keep your bike on campus and in your halls, and there is ample bike parking in Hull too – just remember you’ll need a decent lock, and remember to take it with you!

The council has a handy cycle map that you can download, and on a nice sunny day we can’t think of much better than a leisurely pedal over to Hornsea for fish and chips. Just remember to take a drink – it might be flat, but it’s about 17 miles there and that means 17 miles back too!

If you fancy giving cycling a go but you don’t have your own bike, or you’re having mechanical problems, then pop over and see the guys in our very own bike hub – they’ll do their best to help you out with a hire bike or repairs.

We’ve really only scratched the surface of what there is in Hull, and all the many ways to get around but hopefully we’ve given you enough information that you can go have a good explore and see some amazing things!