Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were… A handy guide to getting around in Hull direct from EYMS!

If you’re a student in Hull, chances are you’ll be catching our buses whilst you’re in Hull. Whether you’re going to lectures, to and from the train station, out shopping, or to a part time job (or, let’s be honest, stumbling onto a late night bus after one drink too many), we can get you where you need to be. You may have had a chat with us at the Freshers’ Fair or in the Student Union building during the first week of term, but if you didn’t get a chance to see us, here are some answers to some of the questions we’re asked a lot.

I travel a lot, how do I save money on bus fares?

You’re a student, so no need to pay full price – you have better things to spend your money on (like pizza, and beer). The best discounted ticket for you if you travel regularly is one of our Semester Passes, which are exclusively available to Hull Uni students. To get one, simply download the EYMS Buses app from the App Store or Google Play (it’s free!). Then buy a Semester Pass for the area you’re travelling – either the greater Hull area or our whole network. You can buy a pass to last one semester (18 weeks), or the full year (36 weeks). You can see all the prices on the app, or on the Hull Uni page of our website.

These tickets are only available to Hull University students, so don’t forget you must sign up to the app using your Hull Uni email address so we know you’re a genuine student.

Please remember that Semester Passes can be used on all normal bus services, but aren’t valid on Late Night Service 107 or our special Hull Fair buses.

I live on the campus and only use buses now and again, can I save money on bus fares too?

Yes, you can! If you don’t travel enough to need a Semester Pass, don’t worry, you can still save money. Show your Hull Uni ID card on any of our buses in Hull, Anlaby, Cottingham, Hessle and Willerby and travel for just £1.20 each way! No need to sign up for any pass or ticket, just show the driver your ID card. This offer is valid every day until Christmas 2018.

Again, please remember this offer is valid on all our standard buses, but not on Late Night Service 107 or our special Hull Fair buses, which have special flat fares.

I need to travel for placements on my course, what should I do?

We get this question a lot from students on medical courses. If you’re going to be travelling every day, our 18 week Semester Pass is ideal for you, as you don’t have to commit to buying a pass for the full year. If your placement is within Hull, we’ve got a Hull Semester Pass that you can buy – this covers travel to Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital, amongst other places. If you’ll be travelling outside Hull, you can get our Network Semester Pass, which covers travel from Hull to places like York, Beverley, Bridlington and Driffield. We know some students have to travel to multiple locations during their placements, so if you’re not sure what pass you should buy, give the friendly people at BusLine a call on 01482 59 29 29, and they’ll have a chat with you to see how you can best save money. BusLine is open 8am-6pm, Monday to Saturday.

What bus do I get to the University?

The bus you catch depends on where you’re travelling from, but from the city centre or The Lawns/Cottingham, the best buses to catch are Services 103, 105 and 115. Services 103 and 105 stop on Cottingham Road right outside the University campus, and Service 115 stops on Cranbrook Avenue. Our Services 103/105 buses have FREE Wi-Fi, so your journey will pass in a flash as you check your emails and browse social media. Just don’t miss your stop because you’re watching cat videos!

You can see the full timetables at or on the EYMS Buses app.

I live at The Lawns, can I get a late bus home?

We’re sure that you’ll be tucked up in bed by 9pm every night after a hard day of studying… But yes, if you should find yourself dragged out to a club night on campus, our Late Night Service 107 runs from outside Asylum straight to Cottingham and The Lawns every Wednesday night (well, technically early Thursday morning). It picks you up outside Asylum on the campus and drops you off in the car park of The Lawns, so you don’t need to worry about walking home through the streets alone. The buses leave Asylum at 1.45am, 2.15am and 2.45am. If your friends are a little worse for wear, please look out for them and make sure they get on the bus safely. And please, please, please, don’t be sick on the bus – tell the driver if you’re feeling queasy! Otherwise you’ll be spending the early hours with mop in hand…

We’ve also got some Saturday night late night buses which will get you home from the city centre/Beverley Road to Cottingham and The Lawns. Late Night Service 106 leaves the city centre at 11.30pm, 12.30am, 1.30am and 2.30am. You can see the timetable on our website here.

It’s just a £2 flat fare on any of our late night buses.

I want to go for a day out with my friends, where can I get to on the bus from Hull?

We’ve got lots of buses from Hull to some great places to visit in the region.
Want to go to the seaside? Hop on a bus to Bridlington, Hornsea or Withernsea and enjoy some beach time and fish and chips. Catch these buses from the Interchange in the city centre, or you can also hop on board Service 121 (to Bridlington) or Service 246 (to Hornsea) anywhere on Beverley Road.

Fancy a trip to a lovely little market town? Beverley has lots of quirky independent shops, tea rooms and restaurants, and it’s not far away. Use Services 121, 122, 246 or X46, and board in the Interchange or at any stop on Beverley Road.

York is a fantastic day out, with great shopping and lots to see. Get Service X46 from the Interchange or from any stop along Beverley Road.
All our timetables are available at or on the EYMS Buses app.

I’ve accidentally left my phone/bag/entire term’s work on the bus – help!

First, don’t panic. We get people leaving stuff on the bus all the time, and it’s usually handed in and gets back to its rightful owner. Give our lost property line a ring on 01482 325679, and we’ll see if your item has been found. Bear in mind that your lost item will only be handed in at the end of the bus driver’s shift, so you might want to wait until the following day to ring us to see if it’s been found.