We know there’s a lot to get sorted before you start at uni – books to buy, packing to be done and goodbyes to say to family and friends. But please, PLEASE take the time to visit your GP and get vaccinated against meningitis.

Meningitis – know the facts

  • Meningitis is an infection of the meninges – the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord
  • Meningococcal bacteria are common and carried harmlessly in the nose or throat by about one in 10 people
  • They are passed on through close contact
  • New students are at an increased risk as they mix closely with lots of new people

Symptoms include:

  • Fever, cold hands and feet
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Drowsiness, difficult to wake up
  • Irritability and/or confusion
  • Dislike of bright lights
  • Severe headache or muscle pains
  • Pale, blotchy skin with or without a rash
  • Convulsions/seizures
  • Stiff neck.

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