Female boxing at Hull University offers a great opportunity and will provide you with a sport that is as rewarding as it is unique.

My name is Matthew Gee and I have been boxing for around two years and I’ve represented Hull University, competing as part of the Boxing squad. I’m also Captain of the Hull University Amateur Boxing Club and help run the female boxing sessions as a coach. The other coaches and I strive to make the female boxing sessions as enjoyable and as engaging as possible. Each and every one of us will help you develop your boxing skills as well encourage you to achieve any goal! Whether its eating healthier, getting fit, learning how to box or even learning so that you can do it competitively. All of the sessions are designed and tailored to suit females of all experiences whether you are a complete novice or an experienced boxer.

The sessions take place every Saturday from 11:30 – 13:00 at the on campus sports centre studio. During these sessions my fellow coaches and I will instruct you on all the technical aspects of boxing and you’ll learn the skill of boxing, everything from the basics through to an advanced level. As well as boxing we also focus heavily on exercise, covering a broad spectrum of activities and workouts. We offer nutrition advice and workout plans. The benefits of the female boxing sessions are numerous; first and foremost they will not only keep you fit, active and healthy but also allow you to grow as a person by taking you out of your comfort zone and giving you a rich and diverse opportunity to be part of an amazing sport. To join the female only sessions go to our Facebook page  or visit or the Hull University Amateur Boxing Club page. The Campus Sport website also has further details on the female only sessions.

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