So you’ve been home for Christmas, you’ve filled up on turkey and sprouts and – if you’re anything like us – you’ve probably set a new world record for sofa, Netflix and chocolate. You’ve probably rolled into the New Year with all the best intentions of getting fit and healthy and – again, if you’re anything like us – you’ve probably looked out of the window at the drizzly rain and frozen pavements, and decided that actually, going out for that healthy run is a really bad idea.

Well fortunately our fitness centre is here with the perfect solution to all your fitness woes. Not only is it full to bursting with incredible cutting edge exercise machinery and exciting sounding classes like Body Pump™ and Insanity (though we must admit at misreading Fitness Yoga and being a little bit disappointed that it’s not about carrying a little green Jedi around on our backs) but for a limited time you can pay for the whole semester in one block for the bargain price of £89, saving you a big chunk of cash to spend on takeaway pizza and Jaffa Cakes.

You can find out more about our magnificent sports facilities here, or if you’re already convinced then you can sign up right here. Don’t wait too long though, as this offer only lasts until Monday 12 February. Plus if you sign up now you can get all trim and buff in time for Valentine’s Day!